Stay Strong!

05 Mar

Hello my loves, I hope your weekend was as filled with laughter as mine, if not I pray a great week for you.

To all the single men and women  actively following Christ I want to encourage you as I encourage me. Be strong. I am struggling and fighting for my belief in purity and waiting for marriage before any sexual intimacy. This is the hardest thing for me because I was marriage so I’ve being there. I am opening up this way because I believe someone needs to know- we are strong, you are not alone. Be strong in your walk with The Lord Jesus. I know it is hard to control your thoughts and all your attractions. I find intelligence sexy so it seems like sexy men are everywhere I look! I am learning not to touch and to actively renew my mind. I am learning that I can do all things through Christ. I am also learning to say no to the movie and dinner dates. I am not saying  my answer is always no, its just that (high attraction + dinner + movie)= lines I’m not willing to cross.  I’ll say yes to coffee and walks so ask me…

Be strong my friends, God rewards obedience. You may fall but get back up. You are STRONG!!

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