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Soul tired!


I’m so tired! Yes, I said it I’m tired emotionally tired that is. No one really wants to admit this but I get tired in my mind. For example, yesterday an issue came up that I would usually overlook or approach differently but I couldn’t guard my mind and as a result had a something that should have been a discussion turn into an argument.

The problem with this fatigue is that sleeping won’t fix it and reading will certainly not work. My soul feels weary like it’s falling and I don’t have the strength to hold up. I feel convinced that I need to hear from God in a clear and concise way followed by a vacation which should definitely include deep tissue massage and a whole lot of pampering.

This morning, I read Isaiah 33:2 and that is what I need from God. I need His strength because I cannot catch my fall.

Why is it that people look at you differently for admitting weakness? Tell me, do you get weak and if you do, have you admitted it to someone or do you pretend that everything is fine?


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