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Within the past week, this one included I’ve had to watch many friends and family graduate either from preschool, kindergarten, high school or college. It’s almost unbelievable the amount of driving I’ve had to do just to get to some of these events! Oh and let’s not forget the incredibly long speeches 😱. Lucky for my friends and family I love them enough to do almost anything for them 😜.

To all the graduates, I wish you the best of lucks.

PS: student loans are due 6 months from now 😄

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Drive thru liquor

Not sure who came up with the concept of drive thru liquor store but it seems like a silly idea. I mean considering the damage caused by drunk drivers one would assume that you wouldn’t find it at many corners. Someone may say that buying does not mean consumption but I find that very hard to believe, it’s like driving thru McDonald and not taking a bite of the French fries. Very unlikely.

Just my thoughts on a Thursday night. Drive thru liquor does not make any sense!

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