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Fuuny Kids

I have the best kids ever, i often look at them and smile. I think God must love me in a unique way to bless me with them. Before I go on, you need to know, my son is 5 going on 35 and my daughter is 3 going on 18.

My 5 year old is the type that actually thinks in a logical way. Be prepared to have him ask a series of question when asked to do anything. His new line is “mom, why did you do that?”. He is so funny without meaning to be don’t get me wrong it can get really frustrating but . . .

My daughter on the other hand is totally a teenager! She changes her voice and tilts her head with a hint of attitude while talking. She backs her brother in everything until she wants her way.

Anyway, my kids are awesome and I thank God everyday for the blessing!


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